It wont let me install a script >:(

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It wont let me install a script >:(

Post by XxXDabberXxX » 10.03.18 02:41:40

1.) UserAgent: (please keep this as it is)
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/64.0.3282.186 Safari/537.36

2.) What Tampermonkey version do you use? Please go to 'chrome://extensions/' (Chrome) or 'about:addons' (Firefox) for that information
I use version 4.5 of Tampermonkey
3.) Is this the browser where the problem occurs? If not: What operating system and browser version (go to 'chrome://chrome/' or 'about:support') do you use?
Chrome is the browser where the issue occurs since that is where the extension is.

4.) Does a Userscript cause the problem? If so, from where can it be downloaded?
This is the problem. I installed a user script, but I cannot get the script to work. It always says, "No script running" but I go back and there it is, staring me right in the face, saying, "Enabled" I just don't get it.

5.) Did this work before? Have you checked the script's bug tracker/discussion page for that problem?
No, this is the first time I ever did this before.
6.) If applicable, are there other Userscripts installed and running?
No there is not, this is the only one that I want to use for my purpose.
7.) Steps to reproduce the problem:
a. It doesn't want to work, that is the problem. I go the game it is supposed to work on, and nothing happens in the game when it is supposed to press the button L for you.

8.) What is the expected behavior? What went wrong?
The expected behavior is that the script would press L for me, but what went wrong is that it DOESN'T press L for me.

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Re: It wont let me install a script >:(

Post by Ramblinwreck » 16.03.18 16:53:55

I'm having the same problem (I think).
This pic shows the only script that is enabled:

this icon shows no scripts are enabled:

enabling a second and arbitrary script:

now the icon has changed, and shows one script enabled (although there are two enabled)

also notice that even though the script is listed on the dashboard in the #1 position:

but it is missing from the list when you click on the TM icon:

Problem statement:
although installed by different users roughly a week ago, the script shows enabled on the dashboard, but the TM icon beside the URL address does not indicate that script is enabled.

The script does not run. console.log statements added to check if the script is running do not show up in the console.

The script was working on 3/15/18 and not working on 3/16/18.

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