Syntax Checker Warning - "$" is not defined

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Syntax Checker Warning - "$" is not defined

Post by TMUserXelle » 14.04.18 23:02:55

1.) UserAgent: (please keep this as it is)

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:59.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0

2.) What Tampermonkey version do you use? Please go to 'chrome://extensions/' (Chrome) or 'about:addons' (Firefox) for that information


3.) Is this the browser where the problem occurs? If not: What operating system and browser version (go to 'chrome://chrome/' or 'about:support') do you use?


4.) Does a Userscript cause the problem? If so, from where can it be downloaded?


5.) Did this work before? Have you checked the script's bug tracker/discussion page for that problem?

Searched for other reports but no answers found.

6.) If applicable, are there other Userscripts installed and running?


7.) Steps to reproduce the problem:

a. Make new script.
b. Add require in header for jquery
c. Write a line that uses $ EXAMPLE: var my_element = $('#element_id');
d. Yellow triangle warning sign will appear that says, "$" is not defined

8.) What is the expected behavior? What went wrong?

Using jquery would not cause false syntax error messages.
False error messages.

9.) Please provide any additional information below.

Basically, all of the scripts I write and most of the ones I use have jquery. I have the require for jquery as part of the template for a new script. I am pretty sure that this was not a problem in previous versions. I believe I definitely would have noticed if all of my scripts had yellow warning triangles all over them before today. Tampermonkey updated itself, I believe some time yesterday, and I am just noticing this now. For the time being, I just turned off syntax checking, but this is not totally ideal.

Also Devs, thank you so much for this extension. I do still miss the old greasemonkey, but tampermonkey has really been a life saver.

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