GM_setValue and GM_getValue

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GM_setValue and GM_getValue

Post by bab5470 » 26.01.18 17:56:10

I am using GM_setValue and GM_getValue to store temporary data from a web application (drafts if you will).

The script I've written saves a copy of the data every 30 seconds (to make sure if my browser ever crashes I have a copy of the data). It also compares what it saves to what tamper monkey says it has to make sure the save worked.

Despite doing that, I've noticed if my browser crashes my data isn't always getting saved. Which makes me wonder -
does tamper monkey only store its data in memory and only write it to disk periodically? If so that would defeat the entire purpose of my tamper monkey script! :)

Is there a way to force tamper monkey to flush its data to disk to ensure if the browser crashes data isn't lost?


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Re: GM_setValue and GM_getValue

Post by derjanb » 15.02.18 21:09:22

Unfortunately not. Only the browser decides when to save changes to disk.
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