Easy backup of user scripts

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Easy backup of user scripts

Post by Strahan » 02.02.17 22:46:30

This isn't a feature request per se, but I couldn't figure out the right place to post. Actually, I guess it could be a feature request: Please make user scripts easy to backup from an external source.

I searched and saw a forum post wherein the person wanted to push scripts to workstations and was directed to the %userprofile%\local\google\chrome\user data\Default\databases\chrome-extension_dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo_0 folder. I went there and have a 10k SQLite file "1". So to test, I copied that to another computer to the same location and fired up Chrome but no user scripts.

How can I easily back them up? I do not want to use an export option from the client because I want to add Tampermonkey scripts to my daily automated backup so I don't want any user interaction to be necessary. Thanks!

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Re: Easy backup of user scripts

Post by derjanb » 02.02.17 23:32:29

I was thinking about an automated backup option to one of the cloud storages, but have nothing implemented yet. Exporting to the local file system opens a "save as" dialog at some browsers and therefore doesn't fit.
Strahan wrote: I went there and have a 10k SQLite file "1".
You can use this Python scripts to extract the scripts and with some changes their settings as well: https://gist.github.com/derjanb/9f6c10168e63c3dc3cf0
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How do I know which one to load? Red,Black or purple

Post by coach7811 » 19.03.17 01:17:08

How do I know what one to load for chrome. They give you three choices but dont tell you what one to LOAD

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