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deluge script

Post by edd-- » 01.02.17 12:43:18


I used to use Ninjakit to run a very handy userscript, but this isn't available anymore. When I try to tun in in tampermonkey I can't get it to work. The script allows for torrents to be added to a deluge torrent client. The icons appear but when clicking them they can't be added to the download client.

the script:

Any idea on how to get this to work (worked out of the box wit ninjascript)

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Re: deluge script

Post by derjanb » 02.02.17 08:00:16

I looked over it quickly. You need to add the following to the script's header:

Code: Select all

// @grant GM_xmlhttpRequest
// @connect *
@connect can be *, but Tampermonkey then will ask to allow the requests or you can change it to the domain of the deluge_url variable to allow it automatically.
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