How to block embedded tweets

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How to block embedded tweets

Post by BendBob » 04.04.18 15:31:52

As an example for what I'm looking for: the online site for the Washington Post newspaper displays embedded tweets in the content presented. Since the stories write about the tweet, I don't need to "see" it. They interrupt the flow of text I want to read.

I used the Chrome tool to inspect the html and saw this:
<div class="element element-oembed"> <twitterwidget class="twitter-tweet twitter-tweet-rendered" id="twitter-widget-0"

And there were a few more DIV's under that one which are related to Twitter.

I'm a newbie with this tool (Tampermonkey), although I do understand the basics of writing code
and I'm asking for a clue as to how I can stop those embedded tweets.

Please and thanks!

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